Submit a Claim

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Anyone who believes the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has caused him or her to suffer monetary loss can file a claim. Pursuant to Government Code §935.7, Caltrans is authorized to resolve claims for $10,000 or less. All other claims must be filed directly with the Government Claims Program (GCP).

Submit an Equity Claim ($10,000 or Less)

Caltrans has delegated authority to resolve claims for dollar amounts within the jurisdiction of the small claims courts. The current jurisdiction of the small claims courts is $10,000; therefore, you may file claims for damages $10,000 or less directly with Caltrans. Claims must be filed within one (1) year after the incident occurred.

Claims can be filed for losses you believe were caused by the action, or inaction by Caltrans. Such losses would include refunds of a fee or penalty, or contract dispute. A claim for damages caused by a local government agency must be filed directly with the local agency that is involved. Do not file your claim with Caltrans if your claim is with any other institution.

Government Code §§900, et seq. specifies the required contents for a claim. Equity Claims of $10,000 or Less (Other Than Employee Claims) form (ADM-3016) is an optional form that meets those requirements, and is provided as a convenience. All claims for $10,000 or less must be submitted to:

California Department of Transportation
Division of Procurement and Contracts, MS-65
Bid, Protest, and Dispute Branch
1727 30th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

Submit a GCP Claim (More Than $10,000)

Claims for more than $10,000 must be submitted to the Government Claims Program. For detailed information on how to file a claim against Caltrans for more than $10,000, visit the Goverment Claims Program website.