California Department of Transportation


Many transportation programs are available to local agencies and are administered through the Caltrans Division of Local Assistance. For a complete description of the federal and state programs available for financing local public transportation facilities, please visit Local Assistance Program Guidelines. The annual program totals close to $2 billion statewide.

Federal Programs

Caltrans Administered

  • Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (HBRR)
    Highway bridge replacements and bridge rehabilitation, painting, seismic retrofit, and bridge rail replacement.
  • Hazard Elimination Safety Program (HES)
    Highway safety improvement projects on public roads. Projects are designed to correct existing hazardous conditions.
  • Safe Routes to School Program (SR2S)
    Pedestrian and bicycle safety and traffic calming projects that provide safe routes to school for students. Project must be co-sponsored with school official.
  • Emergency Relief Program (ER)
    Funds are to aid states and local agencies in paying for unusually heavy expenses of repairing serious damage to highways resulting from natural disasters or catastrophic failure.
  • Demonstration Program (DEMO)
    Projects which are specifically established and funded through federal law. Generally provided as part of the annual transportation appropriations acts or the periodic transportation authorization acts.
  • Seismic Safety Retrofit
    Provides funding assistance to local agencies for remedying structural seismic design deficiencies of public bridges on local streets and roads.
  • Federal Discretionary Programs
    Funds for ITS Development, Ferry Boat, Public Lands Discretionary, TCSP, Bridge Discretionary.
  • Highway Safety Improvement Program
    The overall purpose of this program is to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads through the implementation of infrastructure-related highway safety improvements.

State Programs