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The California Department of Transportation  (Caltrans) the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the City of Ontario and the City of Rancho Cucamonga are cooperating to fix Interstate 15 from State Route 60 in Ontario north to 6th Street in Rancho Cucamonga.

Scope of Project:
Beginning in April 2009 and continuing over the next two years, this $52 million project will provide improvements that include

bullet Bridge Widening
bullet Median Paving
bullet Pavement Replacement
bullet Improved Riding Surface
bullet Improved Drainage
bullet Increased Pavement Life Expectancy

Built in the 1970’s, Interstate 15 through Ontario is traveled by an average of 216,000 vehicles per day.  Approximately 10% of these vehicles are commercial vehicles carrying goods from California’s ports across America.  Time has taken its toll on this vital corridor and the pavement is now damaged and needs to be replaced. 

New Technology:
The FHWA’s Highways for Life program was established to help states discover new technologies in highway construction that improve safety, increase durability, shorten construction time and ultimately help to reduce delays.  Caltrans has joined forces with the Federal Highway Administration and will be using a new product called Super-Slab® developed by the Fort Miller Co. Inc., based in New York, for a portion of the rehabilitation.  This new technology will:

bullet Decrease construction time
bullet Decrease traffic impacts during construction
bullet Increase safety for motorists and workers during construction
bullet Extend concrete life due to its pre-cast composition
bullet Allow work to take place during cold temperatures not suitable for concrete work

Roadwork usually requires the closure of lanes to complete the construction.  To help minimize these impacts during the project, six bridges on I-15 will be widened and the median will be paved.  This newly paved median will be used as a temporary lane to help minimize congestion during the construction.  Lane rehabilitation will begin on the southbound lanes.  The northbound lanes will follow.

Rapid Weekends will be used to accelerate construction on I-15.  This method allows for the closure of on-ramps, off-ramps and connector ramps for 55 hours to expedite work.  Closures will occur starting Friday nights continuing through early Monday mornings.  Benefits of Rapid Weekends are:

bullet Decreased number of closures
bullet Increased safety for motorists and workers
bullet Greater cost savings
bullet Extend concrete life due to its pre-cast composition
bullet Faster project completion

Be sure to watch for further information on Rapid Weekends as the project progresses.  Caltrans will be asking for the public’s help to minimize the traffic impacts by utilizing the posted detours.

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