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SR-91 Green River

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Green River Road is a critical link to the SR-91 for the motorists who use it. Congestion on Green River Road bridge has exceeded lane capacity warranting needed improvements. The project scope will include construction of a new bridge, the addition of two through traffic lanes, ADA approved sidewalks and realignment of the on and off ramps. Caltrans has partnered with Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) and the City of Corona on this $21 million, state-funded project. When completed by late 2008, motorists and residents of the City of Corona will enjoy improved traffic flow.

Scope of Project:
bullet Construct a new, taller bridge to increase clearance for commercial vehicles
bullet Widen the bridge, realign and modify ramps to meet new bridge height
bullet Reconfigure the intersection of Green River Road and Fresno Road
bullet Construct California Highway Patrol (CHP) enforcement area
bullet Construct and install ADA compliant sidewalks

Need for Project:
bullet To provide congestion relief for existing traffic on the westbound entrance ramp, a well as the two-lane Green River Road Segments leading to the interchange
bullet Current peak hour traffic at interchange is high and operating conditions need improvement

Special Traffic Impact:
bullet During construction, shoulders for disabled vehicles will not be available
bullet On/off-ramps may be closed for up to ten days at a time
bullet Closures will occur only on an “as-needed” basis
bullet Public will be notified of all closures through the media, public meetings and the District 8 website
bullet During closures, detours will be available to motorists