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Project Description

Work began in 2002 on targeted improvements using the conventional design and construct method, and included:

Rebuilding the Spruce Street bridge
Relocating the existing eastbound on-ramp to State Route (SR) 60 from Orange Street to Main Street
Widening the existing highway undercrossing bridges at University Avenue, Mission Inn Avenue and Third Street

This $16 million early project phase was completed in Spring 2004.

The following improvements will be completed by 2007:

60/91/215 Interchange
Work to be done:
Results from work done:
On I-215, replace the existing southbound (to I-215) loop ramp with a direct freeway-to-freeway connector. Also on I-215, replace the northbound to westbound (to Rte 91) loop ramp with a direct freeway-to-freeway connector.
These improvements will minimize weaving movements within the 60/91/215 interchange, thus greatly improving operational efficiency and safety.
On I-215, remove the existing southbound off-ramp and northbound on-ramp at Spruce Street. These ramps will be relocated to SR 91 as an eastbound off-ramp and a westbound on-ramp at the new Spruce Street overcrossing bridge.
The present ramp locations are too close to the 60/91/215interchange, making merging and diverging activities difficult. The relocation of the ramps will provide new access for the local community from the west side of SR 91, and improve operational efficiency at the interchange.
Realign East La Cadena Drive between 1st and Spruce Street, and provide a grade separation at the railroad crossing. Realign West La Cadena Drive to accommodate the new interchange connectors.
These improvements are necessary to rebuild the interchange, and will enhance local circulation.
On Route 91, widen the freeway main line and add auxiliary lanes between University and the 60/91/215 interchange.
The auxiliary lanes will facilitate weaving movements and the widening will accommodate the future addition of carpool or mixed flow lanes.

Work to be done:
Results from work done:
On I-215, widen the freeway mainline from the 60/91/215 interchange to the 60/215 junction. This includes extending the existing carpool lanes from University Avenue to the 60/215 junction, and providing auxiliary lanes leading to and departing from the new freeway connectors.
The extension of the carpool lanes will reduce traffic in the mixed-flow lanes and reduce air pollution and commute times. Adding auxiliary lanes will enhance traffic operations and improve safety.
On I-215, reconstruct the existing Blaine Street, Iowa Avenue and Linden Street overcrossing bridges, to span the new freeway widening. Also improve the existing Blaine Street, University Avenue and Central Avenue/Watkins Drive interchanges, including ramp widening. Realign Sycamore Canyon Boulevard at Central Avenue.
These improvements will increase capacity and improve operational efficiency of the local circulation to city streets. Ramp widening and realignment will provide smoother transitions, improved access and longer distances for merging onto the mainline.
On I-125, construct a new interchange at Martin Luther King Boulevard, and remove the existing El Cerrito Drive interchange.
This will eliminate the underutilized El Cerrito interchange and move traffic to the Martin Luther King interchange, to better serve local traffic.
Widen the existing railroad overhead bridges at Down Street and Chicago Avenue.
These improvements will provide for widening of I-215.

Junction I-215 and SR 60 / Box Springs area
Work to be done:
Results from work done:
At the 60/215 junction, construct a truck by-pass connector from southbound I-215 to eastbound Route 60 and southbound I-215.
The new truck-bypass lane will allow slower truck traffic to travel up Box Springs grade without impeding the vehicular flow of traffic.
On SR 60 in Moreno Valley, modify the existing Day Street interchange.
This improvement will allow proper merging distances between the new truck by-pass and the Day Street interchange.
On I-215, reconstruct the Box Springs Road interchange and overcrossing bridge.
This improvement will accommodate the widened freeway and increase the vertical clearance under the bridge.
Construct a concrete barrier on northbound I-215 at the junction to westbound Route 60.
This will separate merging traffic, increasing safety and improving traffic flow through the interchange.