California Department of Transportation

Caltrans - District 6

  • Sharri Bender Ehlert
    District 6 Director

    Serving Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, and Tulare Counties

District 6 Land Surveys

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CVSRN Reference Station

Reference Station Coarsegold - LEMA

Location: Caltrans Lemoore Maintenance Station

Owner: Caltrans central region Surveys

GPS Antenna with Clear Raydome

GPS Antenna with Clear Raydome
GPS Equipment Vault

GPS Equipment Vault

Brass Disc in side of pillar monument
Site Photo, Taken Facing South
GPS Equipment Used at LEMA
GPS Equipment Used at LEMA

General Station Information

  • GPS unit - Trimble NetR5 (GNSS)
  • GPS Antenna - Leica AX1202GG
  • Monument Type - Concrete Pillar Monument

Available Reference Station Information

  • Request static GPS data from this station ** - Coming Soon
  • Realtime access to this station from CRTN, CLICK HERE ***.
    Please Note, not all station are availabe through CRTN.

** Please note, all request for data MUST BE accompanied by a Public Records Act Request Form. Click here to to obtain a copy of the the form.

*** Please note, neither Caltrans nor CRTN makes any guarantees to the correctness, accuracy or availability of the data obtainded from the CTRN servers. CLICK HERE for an Excel spreadsheet of all stations that are availavble from through CRTN.