California Department of Transportation
District 6 Director Sharri Bender Ehlert
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1352 W. Olive Avenue
P.O. Box 12616
Fresno, CA 93778-2616


  • (559) 488-4082
  • (559) 444-2409
  • 711 - TTY

(559) 445-6259



District 6 - Kern, Kings, Tulare, Fresno, and Madera Counties

How often are the images updated?

CCTV images are updated on the server approximately every one minute. You may get the latest image by refreshing your browser.

Where is the CCTV camera located?

CCTV camera locations are designated by direction of travel.

NB: Northbound
SB: Southbound
EB: Eastbound
WB: Westbound

For example: if the camera title is labeled as WB 168 at FOWLER AVE, the camera is located on the Westbound direction of traffic, on State Route 168, and the cross street is Fowler Ave. That means that the lanes closest to the camera, regardless of what direction the camera is pointing, are in the westbound direction.