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The History and Archaeology of Yerba Buena Island - Historical Archaeology

The Capital letter H at the end of the site number for CA-SFR-04/H means that there are historic-period items and features found at the site as well as prehistoric ones. These are mostly remnants of foundations, fill, and debris from the military and possibly the pre-military use of Yerba Buena Island by Thomas Dowling. These remains are sparse, considering how many people have used the island in the last 200 years. This is because trash was often dumped directly into the Bay or hauled away rather than being left to accumulate on the island.

The most common historic-period artifacts found were nails and pieces of window glass. These may have been left from the demolition of the abandoned Army Post structures in 1899. A few items were definitely military-such as uniform buttons and shell casings. Plates and bottles were also recovered as were bones from common domestic animals such as chicken, turkey, pig, cow, cat, and horse.

A couple of interesting historic-period features were uncovered. Two brick features were associated with charcoal, ash, and pieces of burnt wood; and a series of wooden boards lying side-by-side may have been part of a boardwalk.

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