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Worker's Memorial


Through Legislation passed in 1992 (SB1388), April 28th has been recognized as Workers’ Memorial Day, honoring the dedicated workers in California that fall victim to job-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths. Annually the District holds a special memorial to honor these workers. Safety Awareness week corresponds with the timing of the Workers’ Memorial Ceremony. Given the size of District 4, the number of people we employee, and the dynamics of our day to day operations, we have extended that week to a month-long event. This allows everyone in the District time to focus on Safety topics or events relevant to their individual operation. This typically includes near misses, injuries, or illnesses that may have occurred, or that have the potential to occur due to the situations that we encounter as Caltrans Employees. 15 Please see the invitation to our 2011Workers’ Memorial, and the calendar of events for Safety Awareness month. The calendar has several events scheduled covering a broad range of safety related topics. These events, along with the meetings held within each operation are examples of the Districts’ dedication to keeping Safety the number one Priority.

Joey Crocker, Chief
District 4 Office of Health, Safety, and Training