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Office of System and Regional Planning

Working with internal and external partners, the Office of System and Regional Planning evaluates the current condition of the State transportation system and forecasts what long range (25-year) challenges are likely to occur. The Office informs State, regional, and local planning, programming and operational decision-makers about the long-range vision for interregional and regional transportation.

Copies of long-range transportation corridor reports are available here:


In District 4, the Office of System and Regional Planning:

  • Identifies, analyzes and recommends improvements to the State highway system and multi-modal and inter-modal transportation systems. Caltrans has 56 routes in District 4.
  • Provides a sound technical basis for decisions for projects, facilities and services to improve mobility.
  • Ensures consistency with AB 32, SB 375, and other environmental regulations and Caltrans Deputy Directives.
  • Responds to transportation system information requests from Caltrans, other agencies and private citizens. This includes Freeway Agreements, functional classification of local streets and roads, relinquishment studies and GIS data.
  • Creates a system that meets Caltrans goals of transportation equity, supporting a robust economy, while considering environmental and climate issues.


The following branches within the Office help carry out these functions:

Contact: Stephen H. Yokoi, AICP
Phone: (510) 286-5621