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Office of System and Regional Planning

bridge District 4 Office of System and Regional Planning

Caltrans System Planning evaluates the current condition of the State transportation system and predicts what challenges could occur in the long-range future (25-year).

Using system planning, Caltrans informs State, regional and local planning, programming and operational decision-making about the long-range vision for interregional and regional transportation.

System planning also considers the impacts of different land uses on the transportation system.
The transportation system includes:
  • State highways, interstates and local arterials
  • Transit services
  • Railroads
  • Airports and Seaports
  • Bicycling and Walking
  • Goods movement (truck and freight)
  • Intelligent transportation systems (traffic monitoring and information)
District 4 Office of System and Regional Planning works with Bay Area regional partner agencies to:
  • Identify, analyze and recommend improvements to the State highway system and multi-modal and inter-modal transportation systems. Caltrans has 56 routes in District 4.
  • Provide the sound technical basis for decisions for projects, facilities and services to improve mobility.
  • Ensure consistency with AB 32, SB 375, other environmental regulations and Caltrans Deputy Directives.
  • Respond to transportation system information requests from Caltrans, other agencies and private citizens. This includes Freeway Agreements, functional classification of local streets and roads, and relinquishment studies.
  • Create a system that meets Caltrans goals of transportation equity, supporting a robust economy, while considering environmental and climate issues.

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