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State Route 9 Shoulder Widening Project

EA04-1G0701,SCL9 PM 0.0/ PM 7.0, Shoulder Widening

  • 11/21/13 - State Route 9 Shoulder Widening Project

  • Project Location

    On Route 9 in Santa Clara County in and near the city of Saratoga between Route 35 junction and 0.1 mile south of the 6th street intersection.

    Need & Proposed

    It is proposed to widen existing shoulders at 33 spot locations where there is enough room, without having to cut back an existing slope or fill in an existing embankment.

    Project Benefits

    This project will mitigate accidents beyond the right edge of the travel way by providing out of control motorists with traversable areas where they will be able to recover, and safety re-enter the highway. As an added benefit, the paved shoulders will provide bicyclists with refuge areas that they can use when being passed by motorists.


    Construction of the project is expected to start in October 15, 2013 and is scheduled to be completed by January 10,2014.




    Upon completion of the project, the route 9 will have wider shoulder between (5 to 8 feet )at 33 locations beyond the right edge of the traveled way without to cut back an existing slope.

    Project Contact Information

    Project Manager: Fariba Zohoury
    Phone Number: (510) 286-7269