To: Office of Planning and Research
1400 Tenth Street, Room 121
Sacramento, CA 95814

From: State of California
Department of Transportation
Environmental Planning, South
P.O. Box 23660

County Clerk Oakland, CA 94623-0660
County of Alameda
Project Title: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Seismic Safety Project

Project Location - Specific: Interstate 80 between Yerba Buena Island and the Oakland shore

Project Location - City: San Francisco and Oakland

Project Location - County: San Francisco and Alameda

Description of Nature, Purpose, and Beneficiaries of Project: The project proposes to seismically retrofit or replace the existing East Span to provide a "lifeline" connection (providing post earthquake relief access) between San Francisco and the East Bay. After implementation of the project, it is expected that the East Span would be able to withstand a maximum credible earthquake on the San Andreas or Hayward faults. It would also bring the East Span up to current roadway design standards for operations and safety to the greatest extent possible. The direct beneficiaries would be users of the East Span. Communities in San Francisco, the San Francisco Peninsula, and the East Bay would benefit after an earthquake due to the East Span project in combination with other seismic safety projects undertaken by Caltrans.
Name of Public Agency Approving Project: California Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration
Name of Person or Agency Carrying Out Project: California Department of Transportation
Exempt Status: (check one)
¨ Ministerial (Sec. 21080(b)(1); 15268);
¨ Declared Emergency (Sec. 21080(b)(3); 15269(a));
Emergency Project (Sec. 21080(b)(4); 15269(b)(c));
Reasons why project is exempt: The San Francisco-Oakland East Span Seismic Safety Project is statutorily exempt from the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) under California Streets and Highways Code Section 180.2 and CEQA Section 21080.
CEQA Section 21080, subdivision (b) sets forth the types of activities that are excluded from CEQA, and paragraph (4) of this subdivision specifically includes actions necessary to prevent or mitigate an emergency. According to the California Streets and Highway Code, as amended, the structural modification of an existing highway structure or toll bridge (Section 180.2 (a)); and the replacement of a highway structure or toll bridge within, or immediately adjacent to an existing right-of-way (Section 180.2 (b)) shall be considered to be activities under subdivision (b), paragraph (4).
Lead Agency Contact Person: Tony Anziano
Area Code/Telephone/Extension: 415/982-3130
If filed by applicant:
1. Attach certified document of exemption finding.
2. Has a Notice of Exemption been filed by the public agency approving the project?

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