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Project Description: This project is to rehabilitate the roadway along State Route (SR) 12 in Solano County near Suisun City, from Walters Road to Currie Road on the outskirts of Rio Vista. The project will repair failed pavement, install retaining walls, reinstall and extend ground-in rumble strips throughout the project’s limits. The project will also add standard 8-foot shoulders to some segments, re-align as well as make vertical and horizontal profile corrections to the roadway. This is the third phase of improvements begun in 2007. Previous short-term safety improvements included installing chanelizers on centerline stripe, installing No Passing Zone signs, installing centerline and shoulder rumble strips and additional speed limit signs.

Project Benefits: This project will improve safety of the roadway. The median rumble strip and channelizers will alert motorists from crossing to the opposite lane and therefore, prevent head-on collisions. The 8-foot standard shoulders will provide refuge areas for emergency vehicles and the road profile will provide drivers with vertical stopping sight distance. The project will also provide the public with exclusive left-turn pockets for making left-turns at the local intersections.