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Thomas Finnegan

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111 Grand Avenue, 13th Floor, Oakland, CA 94623-0440
Phone: (510) 286-4953 | Fax: (510) 286-4960

Survey Request FAQs

Survey Support and Requests Branch Chief - Rich Ray

Survey Requests

The Survey Office Support unit processes all survey requests submitted by the District's functional branches. The first step of any Survey Request is a search of the Surveys and Photogrammetry data archives to ascertain whether the desired information or product already exists.

You may request copies of archived Survey  or Photogrammetry data on-line. Your request will be processed within three (3) working days. Caltrans District 4 employees with an active Netware account can retrieve electronic copies of archived survey or photogrammetry products from the D4 Surveys Novell Netware server. The response to a request will include the file path to the required data set.

New Survey Request Forms must be submitted in color. Before submitting your request, it is strongly recommend that you meet first with Survey Support specialists (Thomas Finnegan and/or Rich Ray) to discuss the scope of work. This allows us to brainstorm the best solution to save both time and money. Also, make sure you visit the site first to note all conditions and problems.

Caltrans Topocode

The Caltrans Topocode guide is a listing of the codes used by Caltrans Surveyors and Engineers to identify CAD data elements created during Field Surveys of man made and topographic features within the State Highway system.

Caltrans Survey Manual

The Survey Manual is intended to provide safe operating procedures, guidelines, and practices, specific to Caltrans surveying operations and supplement the policies, procedures, and practices set forth in the Caltrans Safety Manual.