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Right of Way Engineering
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Right of Way Engineering

Jerry Zhong

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Right of Way Engineering

District 4 Right of Way Engineering is a professional team of Land Surveyors and support staff committed to providing quality products that are useful to the customers. This commitment includes a continuous improvement program to meet our delivery obligations.

Right of Way Engineering performs the following tasks:

  • Establishes the Department’s Right of Way from public records, title reports, and Caltrans records.
  • Reestablishes the Department’s existing Right of Way on new datums.
  • Prepares appraisal maps.
  • Prepares deeds.
  • Prepares condemnation maps and resolutions of necessity.
  • Prepares Right of Way record maps.
  • Prepares excess lands documents.
  • Prepares exhibits for legal purposes.
  • Prepares products for permit compliance obligations.
  • Advises other functional units on issues related to the Department’s Right of Way.
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