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William D. Newton

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Right of Way Close Out Activities

District 4 Right of Way Engineering-Close Out is comprised of a team of Professional Land Surveyors and support staff dedicated to providing final Right of Way project mapping to the Right of Way Records branch for the benefit of Caltrans staff and the general public.

Right of Way Engineering-Close Out performs the following tasks:

  • Prepares Right of Way Record Maps
  • Prepares Monumentation Maps
  • Prepares relinquishment documents
  • Prepares excess land documents
  • Review of encroachment permit applications for Surveys and R/W Engineering requirements
  • Expert testimony on land surveying issues including interrogatories, declaration, and depositions
  • Prepares and oversees the conduct of specialized land surveys for legal actions
  • Directs land surveying related research including the preparation of reports and documents as to opinions and findings