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Miner Slough Bridge Project

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The Project
Caltrans will do extensive repairs on the Miner Slough Bridge on Highway 84 in Solano County for approximately three months to replace the bridge deck which has deteriorated over time.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is scheduled to reopen the Highway 84-Miner Slough Bridge in Solano County at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21st.

Crews have completed a critical section of bridge deck repair work which started earlier this month. The work was required after the deck deteriorated over time.

Caltrans will now continue with other bridge repair work which can be completed while the bridge remains open. The entire project could be completed as early as mid-July.

Boaters should contact the U.S Coast Guard ahead of time to schedule waterway crossings under the bridge. Crossings must be approved ahead of time.

Ship and boat operators should be aware that during the repairs, the bridge may not be passable by water vessels.

Detours using Real McCoy or J-Mack Ferries
As an alternate route motorists headed onto the Miner Slough Bridge on Highway 84 may also choose to use either the Real McCoy Ferry on Highway 84 or the J-Mack Ferry on Highway 220.  See our detour MAP.

Caltrans has a project webpage for the Delta Ferries which includes maps, pictures and schedules.
We also have a Delta Ferry Line for the latest ferry information.
Call our update line at: 510-622-0120 

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