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The forum is also intended to provide a networking opportunity for Small Businesses and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises to connect with potential prime contractors, and potential prime contractors are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity through outreach attendance by key personnel such as chief estimators.

Oakland Touchdown Contract 1 will construct all marine and land-based foundations for both the westbound and eastbound bridges, (except for the eastbound abutment) both frames of the westbound structure, one frame of the eastbound structure, roadway approach for the westbound structure, including lightweight fill, an electrical substation and an eastbound detour roadway.

The Oakland Touchdown Contract 1 Bidder’s Conference/Contractor Outreach will be held on Thursday, March 29th from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM at the Cypress Mandela/WIST Training Center, located at 2229 Poplar Street, Oakland, California, 94607. Registration begins at 4:00 PM, followed by the program at 4:30PM.

 Invitation Letter from TONY ANZIANO, Program Manager, Toll Bridge Program pdf

 Bidder Inquiries and responses

 March 29, 2007 - OTD Contractor Outreach 04-0120L4 | List of Bid Items | Contract Plans and Special Provisions
Construct Bridge, Roadway, Building And Electrical System.
04-Ala-80-1.6/2.7 * Date Advertised 2/26/2007
Bids Opening in Sacramento * Bids Open 6/5/2007
Estimate: $200,000,000
In Alameda County In Oakland From 1.6 Km West Of The Toll Plaza To 0.3 Km West Of The Toll Plaza.
780 Working Days * 3%DVBE * Cost per set: Bidders: $83, Non-Bidders: $76.

 Contract Goals and Preferences

 Plan Holder List

 Baybridgeinfo.org home page

 Office of Civil Rights - Small Business Program

 Department of General Services - Small Business Certification and DVBE Services