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Last Updated: 07/20/2018

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Prefix Federal Project # County Agency Project Description Date PES Signed
  1. This page only shows projects in the NEPA phase for which a field review has been held and the Preliminary Environmental Studies (PES) form has been signed by Caltrans.
  2. The Receipt Date indicates a study has been first received and logged in by Caltrans Local Assistance.
  3. The Approval Date indicates it has been preliminarily approved by Caltrans Local Assistance.
  4. Studies with a Receipt Date but no Approval Date may be under Caltrans review or Caltrans may be waiting for resubmission from the Local Agency.
  5. In some cases, the completion of initial technical studies may lead to further studies being required or consultations with regulatory agencies. Moreover, technical studies may require revision if there is a project change or as a result of other technical studies. Approvals shown are therefore preliminary pending the signing of the NEPA document.
  6. For detailed information on NEPA status of a particular project, please contact the following Local Assistance Environmental staff: