Caltrans News Release

District 4
Harry Yahata, District Director

November 17, 2000
Bob Haus, (510) 286-5576
                 (510) 442-7392 Pager

Delay to Willow Pass Road On-Ramp Re-opening

Caltrans has finished repairs to the damaged on-ramp from Willow Pass Road to southbound I-680 in Concord. The road will be re-opened at 9 AM, Saturday, November 18, 2000.

The road had been scheduled to re-open today, Friday, November 17, 2000. However, a contractor was not able to finish a particular job on time. Caltrans officials decided to wait an additional day to make sure everything was in place.

The ramp structure was damaged on September 5, 2000, when the driver of a flat-bed truck, carrying an over-sized load, attempted to turn around beneath the support structure. The load rammed into the support structure, causing extensive damage.

After an initial survey of the damage, Caltrans engineers expected the repairs to last until late December. However, quicker-than-normal delivery of construction materials allowed repair crews to finish earlier than expected. Total cost of the repairs, to be billed to the truck driverís insurance carrier, will be about $200,000.