Caltrans District 4
Harry Y. Yahata, District Director

May 11, 2001
CONTACT: Lauren E. Wonder, 408/232-0228


One-Way Traffic Control During Night Work

A portion of Route 152 in Santa Clara County will be re-striped with a wider median featuring rumble strips to remind motorists when they drift out of the lane. The shoulder stripes will also feature a rumble effect.

Contractor crews from Chrisp Company will replace the existing shoulder and centerline striping between Old Lake Road and Lovers Lane with highly reflective thermoplastic striping that has a raised and inverted profile providing an audible rumble as tires cross them. Additionally, the double yellow centerline will be replaced with median striping set nearly two feet apart. This median will also feature rumble strips cut into the pavement perpendicular to and between the medianís double yellow stripes.

The striping project is scheduled to begin Monday, May 14 at 9 PM. This 30-day contract allows crews to work seven nights per week, although the contractor will probably only work Sunday to Thursday nights. Route 152 will be subject to one-way traffic control between the hours of 9 PM and 5 AM during construction. If weekend work occurs, lane closures may be in effect until 7 AM or 8 AM. Flagpersons and pilot cars will guide traffic through the work zone, which is a double fine zone and will be enforced by the California Highway Patrol.

This $192,000 project is one of several projects to address safety issues on this rural road which provides access between Silicon Valley and the Central Valley.

Please be aware of crews and drive carefully through the work zone. The life you save may be your own.