Caltrans News Release

District 4
Harry Yahata, District Director

December 15, 2000
Contact: Jeff Weiss (510) 286-5543

Caltrans to Discontinue Sale of Discount Bridge Tickets

 As of January 1, 2001, Caltrans will discontinue the sale of commuter tickets, the discounted script that motorists use to cross the seven Caltrans-operated toll bridges in the Bay Area. Presently, Caltrans sells the commuter tickets in booklets of 40 for $76.00, a discount of $.15 per ticket. This system of paying with script is being replaced by FasTrak, the electronic toll collection system that also provides a $.15 discount.

At least one dedicated FasTrak lane will be open on every Caltrans bridge by the end of this year. All other toll lanes will be equipped to handle Fastrak users and cash payers by the end of 2001.

Caltrans will continue to accept the toll ticket until December 31, 2001, allowing commuters ample time to use any tickets they now possess. However, if drivers wish to redeem their tickets for a full refund, they may do so at any toll plaza administration center. They may also mail their tickets booklets to:

Oakland Cashiers Office

Department of Transportation

P.O. Box 23660

Oakland, CA 94623-0660


Caltrans will reimburse commuters for full or partial tickets booklets. Tickets which are detached from the booklets will not be refunded.