Caltrans News Release

District 4

Harry Yahata, District Director

Date: August 8, 2000

Contact: Angela Blanchette (510)286-7397

Colin Jones (510)286-5776


* Caldecott Tunnel Construction August 8 - August 13*

Nighttime Lane Closures Scheduled in Caldecott Tunnel


Overnight lane closures are scheduled this week in the Caldecott Tunnel on Highway 24 at the following times:

Bore #1, the tunnel's southern bore:

Bore #2, the tunnel's middle bore:

The nighttime lane closures are scheduled for remedial work, such as installing slotted pipes, and sealing concrete slab joints.

Two bores of the three-bore tunnel will remain open to eastbound and westbound traffic during these lane closures, and no major traffic delays are expected. All scheduled closures will be clearly marked near the tunnel's entrances to advise motorists.

The lane closures are part of a series of closures scheduled to perform urgent repairs in the Caldecott Tunnel. The first phase of these repairs -- which began in January 2000 to replace concrete slabs, improve the tunnel's drainage system, and replace guardrails at the eastern end of the tunnel -- is expected to be completed this week. Future repairs and improvements planned this year include replacing the original guardrails at the west end of the tunnel and improving the tunnel's lighting and instrumentation systems.

Motorists can get the latest information on lane closures and construction activities by calling the Caldecott Tunnel construction hotline at (510) 286-7395.