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Environmental Review

The draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) will describe the physical, natural, social, and economic setting of the project area and will evaluate potential impacts of the proposed improvements. Information for this evaluation will be obtained from technical engineering and focused environmental reports.

Focused environmental reports to be considered in the development of alternatives and referenced in the draft EIS/EIR will include the following:

  • Air Quality
  • Noise
  • Visual/Aesthetics
  • Hydrology, Water Quality and Stormwater Runoff
  • Hazardous Waste/Material
  • Farmlands/Agricultural Lands
  • Floodplain Issues and Management

  • Wildlife/Endangered Species
  • Wetlands and Other Waters of the State
  • Vegetation
  • Parks, Recreational Areas, Wildlife and Waterfowl Refuges
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
  • Archaeological Resources
  • Historic Resources
  • Land Use Planning
  • Growth Inducement
  • Community Impacts and Environmental Justice
  • Cumulative Impacts

Current schedule calls for the draft EIS/EIR to be released in Summer 2007.










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