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Lucky Drive in Corte Madera to North San Pedro Road in San Rafael




This two-volume set is the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report (FEIS/R) for the Marin 101 HOV Lane Gap Closure Project.

The Marin County Congestion Management Agency and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) are proposing to relieve recurring congestion in the US 101 corridor in Marin County by completing the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane system between the Richardson Bay Bridge and Route 37. The Marin 101 HOV Lane Gap Closure Project will close the gap in the current HOV lane system between Lucky Drive in Corte Madera and North San Pedro Road in San Rafael.

Information About This Document 

Volume I of this FEIS/R discusses the Marin 101 HOV Lane Gap Closure Project Purpose and Need, Project Alternatives, Affected Environment, and Consequences and Mitigation. This FEIS/R identifies the Southbound/Reversible HOV Lane Gap Closure Alternative as the Preferred Alternative.

Volume II of this FEIS/R includes the original comments made on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report (DEIS/R) and responses to these comments.

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What Happens After This 

The FEIS/R document was approved by Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration in December 1999. The distribution of this FEIS/R will be followed by a 30-day public comment period ending March 20, 2000. At the end of the public comment period, a Record of Decision (ROD) for the Marin 101 HOV Lane Gap Closure Project will be prepared including a response to all written substantive comments on this FEIS/R. The ROD will summarize reasons for the Federal Highway Administration's decision on the selection of an alternative for the Marin 101 HOV Lane Gap Closure Project. 

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Susan Simpson Robert Tally
District Office Chief Program Delivery Team Leader-North
Office of Environmental Planning, North California Division
California Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration
P.O. Box 23660 980 9th Street
Oakland, CA 94623-0660 Sacramento, CA 95814-2724

The document is also available for review at the Caltrans District 4 Office, 111 Grand Avenue, Oakland.