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Highway 101 Widening Project - Segment Three (Central San Rafael)

General Description: This project is the third of four phases in a project that will provide one continuous car-pool lane (or HOV lane, for High-Occupancy Vehicle), starting at the Golden Gate Bridge, and running the length of Marin County. The limits of this project are from the Coleman Pedestrian Overcrossing to the 580/101 separation.

In addition to the HOV lane, the project will also upgrade the existing 101/580 connector; re-align Francisco Boulevard West; improve drainage; and move the overhead utility wires to underground.

Segment Three will be built in eight stages, and will require some traffic re-routing. Occasionally, full freeway closures will be necessary, but these closures will only take place at night.

The upgraded 101/580 interchange will be able to handle additional vehicles, and will be much easier to navigate.

The relocation of utility wires from overhead to underground will markedly improve the appearance of the area.

Project Schedule: Work began April 24, 2006 and was completed April 2009 .

Cost: $54.9 million

Prime Contractor: Ghilotti Brothers Construction, San Rafael

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