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Caltrans District 4, Maintenance - Cache Slough Ferry in Operation. Shot of the "stern" (vessel is double ended) with the vessel departing from the Rio Vista side, current in the river is apparent. The vessel then arrives at Ryer Island, ramp dropping, and vessel exiting in calm water.

THE DIVISION OF MAINTENANCE is responsible for the maintenance and landscaping of the highways in the District. Responsibilities are divided into geographical regions, specialized regions, and two district office functions.

There are five geographical maintenance regions (North Bay/Petaluma, East Bay/San Leandro, South Bay/San Jose, West Bay/Foster City and Delta/Walnut Creek) that are responsible for the roadbed and roadside. Two maintenance regions, (Specialty Region and Toll Bridge Maintenance & Paint Region) provide specialized functions throughout the District. Specialty Region (San Francisco) maintains the electrical equipment, signs, striping and the tunnels and tubes in the District. The Toll Bridge Maintenance and Paint Region (SFOBB) maintains all bridge structures, including the toll bridges in the district.

THE OFFICE OF MAINTENANCE AND TOLL BRIDGE ENGINEERING is responsible for pavement management for the entire District. Work involves initiating, prioritizing, preparing and monitoring ten-year pavement management projects on all Interstate and State Highways using GIS mapping.

The design engineering section prepares Project Reports and Plans, Specification and Estimate (PS&E) for Capital Preventive Maintenance and Major Maintenance Contracts for all nine bay Area counties. This branch also prepares Minor B contracts. Electrical and Structural Senior Engineers coordinate engineering responsibility between the District Office and the two specialty regions.

The collection of bridge tolls is also a responsibility of the Maintenance Division. Currently, the toll collection system is being upgraded to an electronic collection system, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), at each of the seven toll bridges in District 4.

THE OFFICE OF MAINTENANCE SERVICES is responsible for budget monitoring, allocations, performance contracts, Level of Service (LOS), Adopt-A- Highway, Storm Water and Hazardous Wastes programs, to perform day labor projects, major damage restoration, maintenance agreements, building projects, investigation for claims and tort cases. Maintenance Area Senior Engineers coordinate engineering responsibilities between the District Office and each geographic region. The District Mobile Radio Dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.