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Proposed Devil's Slide Bridges
Fly-over Video Animation

This animation shows the bridge that would be built at the north portal of the Devils Slide tunnel. The bridge is located near Shamrock Ranch and will take traffic to and from the twin-bore tunnel. This streamlined structure will join the pantheon of other scenic bridges built along California's Highway 1. The bridge serves an added purpose as well. Unlike a surface road, the bridge elevates the roadway, spanning areas inhabited by the red-legged frog and protecting the habitat of this threatened species.

The view begins with an overhead still view of the bridge. When the animation begins, the viewer is looking northbound towards Pacifica from the edge of San Pedro Mountain. The camera then swoops to the side to give a profile of the bridge. Video ends with a view from the southbound direction, looking into the incandescently-lighted tunnel bores.

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