Proposed State Route 37 Freeway between Napa River Bridge and Diablo Street in Vallejo

Solano County

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report for this proposed project is available below. Click on the desired chapter to view. Use your search feature to locate specific items within each chapter.

Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need

Chapter 2 - Proposed Action and Alternatives

Chapter 3 - Affected Environment

Table 4.3

Table 4.6

Table 4.15

Table 4.29g

Chapter 4 - Environmental Consequences and Mitigation

Chapter 5 - Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitments of Resources

Chapter 6 - Unavoidable Adverse Environmental Impacts

Chapter 7 - List of Preparers

Chapter 8 - List of Agencies, Organizations and Persons Receiving the Draft EISD/R

Chapter 9 - Comments and Coordination

Chapter 10 - References


Project Summary

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