Prebid Meeting Site Review Registration for Upgrade Electrical Substations (04-3G3644)
This is the registration for the mandatory prebid meeting and site review of Contract 04-3G3644. The site review will provide access to the job site.

Each Prime Contractor will send a representative to the prebid meeting and site review. Only one site review is scheduled. The site review will immediately follow the meeting. The bidder's representatives must provide their own safety gear including appropriate footwear, hardhats, eye protection, gloves and U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket.

Attendees are required to complete and submit a Release and Indemnification Agreement form before the site review begins.

Attendees are to meet on August 10, 2017 at 10:00 am at Caltrans Construction. Office, 3401 Regatta Blvd., Richmond CA 94804.

To register for a prebid meeting and site review, email the District 4 Duty Senior (, or complete and submit the form below.

Complete and Submit the Form Below to register for the prebid site visit.

Note: Your name, email and telephone number will only be used to contact you if there are any questions.

Company Name
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If atttending prebid meeting and/or site visit, check all that applies.

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