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Consultant Services Unit Professional Liaison Meeting

Program Overview

The Professional Liaison Meeting is a quarterly outreach meeting, which is held on the last Thursday in January, April, July and October. The meeting provides networking opportunities and information about upcoming A&E contracts to consulting firms. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting. If you have suggestions for future agenda topics, or would like more information about the meeting, please contact the Consultant Services Unit Registration.

Schedule of Upcoming PLM Meetings:

Meeting Agendas and Minutes:
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Meeting Highlights

Featured topics from the Professional Liaison Meeting

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Did you know that as a Prime Contractor it is incumbent upon you to be sure that none of the subs working on your contract has a conflict of interest with the State?
Questions about Conflicts of Interest?. Contact Your DPAC Coordinator: john_neri@dot.ca.gov
Action Photos from The Professional Liaison Meeting and The Calmentor Mixer