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Alameda, Contra Costa, Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Napa counties

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Business Management

Facilities Budgeting, Planning & Security – This Branch develops and monitors OBJ 084 Building Operations budget of approximately $6 million yearly and insures funds are spent in accordance with yearly facilities plan. Prepares the five-year Capitalized Asset Plan for Office Facilities. Coordinates preliminary planning, PS&E, reviews, schedules and monitors projects for office building improvements, space alteration and minor/major construction projects. Reviews facility plans for consistency with Departmental and District goals. Other duties include District Security Coordinator activities such as private security contract management of District Office security officers, evaluating and preparing security surveys of District facilities and installation of electronic security systems upon request.

Facilities Management – This Branch is responsible for the Oakland District Office building in addition to eleven satellite field offices in nine counties. Responsible for planning, organizing and directing the work for building maintenance functions such as custodial operations, grounds keeping, building operations, repairs and preventative building maintenance. Implements District Facilities Safety Inspection Program for all facilities in District. Other duties include preparation of Building Emergency Plans for all office facilities and provide training regarding Fire/Life safety issues and concerns to office employees.

Responsible for the District 800+ passenger fleet that is assigned to the District Automotive Pool, Office of Maintenance, Construction, Traffic Operations and Right of Way Surveys. Manages a 4-level parking garage facility, including parking assignments for state and employee parking at the District Office.

Administrative Services – The Administrative Services Branch provides the following services to the District:

Mail Center receives and distributes all District 4 mail. This includes overnight express packages, interoffice, headquarters and U.S. Postal mail. Business address must include complete name, unit and mail station.

Loading Dock also known as shipping and receiving. Receives all office supplies, equipment and furniture for the District. Orders must include the following: contact person, location, room number, and phone number.

Map Files houses all As-Built maps for the District. Contains approximately 100,000 records dating back to 1912. Located on the 10th Floor.

Library contains hundreds of items to assist in study materials for the EIT, PE, LSIT and Office Technician exams to name a few. Houses approximately 17,065 publications for that next big research project. Located on the 12th Floor.

Archives are housed in the basement’s Archive Record Center, which houses a number of important documents as they pertain to District 4 projects.

Claims – With functional guidance from the San Francisco Legal Office, this Branch provides legal support services in defending the District in tort liability claims and lawsuits. The Branch collects, coordinates, and evaluates requests for discovery of facts and information needed to assist the Legal Office. Investigates and recommends action to be taken on tort claims that occur in the District’s nine counties. Also responsible for acting as the Department’s legal representative in small claims court. Provides notification to other District functions concerning potentially hazardous operations or work sites based on ongoing claims activity.

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