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Mandela Parkway Improvement Project

Caltrans began construction in 2002 on a beautiful new Mandela Parkway between 8th and 32nd Streets in West Oakland. You can see the plans for this project by clicking on the links below:

Mandela Parkway Plans

18th Street to West Grand

Mandela Parkway Construction Schedule

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Project Background

The Mandela Parkway project is the result of the 1993 Cypress Freeway Replacement Project Performance Agreement with the City of Oakland, and is enabled by Senate Bill 1645 sponsored by Senator Don Perata. A two-year study was undertaken by the City of Oakland that culminated in the Mandela Parkway Corridor Plan and Guidelines, which were approved by the Oakland City Council in February 1998. The Plan concluded that the superseded freeway right-of-way should be landscaped and conveyed to the City of Oakland.

The project was designed by Caltrans staff, using the Mandela Parkway Corridor Plan and Guidelines and by working closely with the City of Oakland staff and the Community Advisory Committee's Landscape Subcommittee. The plans have been developed to meet City design standards and address the needs of both the residential community and local businesses. Caltrans staff is also working with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control to ensure that all necessary environmental safeguards are taken for public health and safety prior to and during construction.

Project Purpose

The project will provide a fully landscaped, tree-lined parkway and arboretum on Mandela Parkway in West Oakland Between 8th Street and 32nd Street. The project will beautify and enhance the parkway's overall appearance, as well as stimulate revitalization of the surrounding area. Plant materials will be derived from a wide range of locations from around the world.

Project Description

The project extends from 8th Street to 32nd Street and includes both sides of the Mandela Parkway alignment and the median that varies in width from 65 feet to 110 feet. The project is roughly 18 blocks long, or 1.3 miles in length, with approximately 14 acres of landscaping.

Project Features

The Mandela Parkway Improvement Project will:

Modify roadway to provide a straighter and more consistent corridor. Two sections of the Mandela Parkway median will be realigned, (i.e., from 8th to 10th streets and from 14th to 18th streets);

Widen 8th Street for future two-way traffic and close the connector from 8th Street to Mandela Parkway;

Relocate and retrofit existing traffic signals located at 8th, 12th, and 14th streets and at West Grand Avenue. Retrofitting will include pedestrian crossing lights, pedestrian actuators, and audible signals;

Retrofit existing traffic signal poles and mast arms at West Grand Avenue and Mandela Parkway to enhance the gateway appearance;

Provide a new Bay Trail alignment consisting of two Class 2 bike lanes, one on each side of Mandela Parkway;

Provide a 10-foot-wide meandering concrete pathway in the median, which extends from 8th Street to 32nd Street;

Provide decorative lighting along both sides of the median that consists of single acorn fixtures of Washington-style poles and tri-arm fixtures on Washington-style poles to punctuate the beginning and end of each pathway at median intersections;

Provide tree-planting pockets within existing roadway shoulder areas on the perimeter of the Mandela Parkway corridor;

Provide gateway landscaping at West Grand Avenue, consisting of two large Coast Live Oak specimen trees with taller columnar background trees for immediate effect. Large Oak specimen trees will be planted at 8th and 32nd streets as well;

Provide decorative paving and planting at the ends of each median;

Provide lawn, groundcover and flowering shrubs in each median;

Provide labeling of 68 species of trees, consisting of botanical name, family and origin;

Provide a collection of 39 different Oak trees from around the world; and

Close median crossing at 13th, 17th, and 20th streets.

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