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Caltrans District 4 I880 Mission Purpose

Project Purpose, Need, and Benefits

I880 Rendering

Project Purpose
  • Improve local/regional traffic connections;
  • Improve roadway, freeway, and freeway ramp safety and operations to meet current standards to the greatest extent possible;
  • Implement the Metropolitan Transportation Commission 2005 High-Occupancy-Vehicle (HOV) Lane Master Plan from Fremont Boulevard to Route 237, and
  • Provide compatibility with mainline I-880 widening north and south of the project area.
Project Need
  • Separation of Traffic Types: The interchange and connecting roadways combine freeway traffic passing through the project area, local traffic crossing I-880, and freeway on- and off-ramp traffic onto a single set of lanes and ramps. This contributes to peak-period traffic congestion in the project limits and along the I-880 corridor. Congestion levels are expected to worsen as traffic volumes increase in the corridor.
  • High-Occupancy-Vehicle (HOV) Use: Transit, carpool, and vanpool users in the project limits share mixed-flow traffic lanes within the project limits, increasing HOV travel times and reducing incentives for HOV use north and south of the proposed project.

Transportation benefits
  • The project improves local/regional traffic connections, traffic safety, operations, and implements proposed HOV lanes.
Other benefits
  • Footpaths, bike paths, and recreational use areas are located west of the project area within the City of Fremont. Presently, this area is difficult to access from the east side of I-880 by bicycle or on foot. The proposed project will include a sidewalk and bicycle route on the Warren Avenue Overcrossing, which would allow for pedestrian and bicycle access to the west side of I-880.