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SCL 680 Ramp Metering from 101 Interchange to Scott Creek Road

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  • 8/1/15 - Caltrans to Activate Ramp Meters on Interstate 680


  • Project Description: Install ramp metering and traffic operations systems, in Santa Clara County, on Route 680 from 101 Interchange to Scott Creek Road (PM 0.0/9.9). Scope of the project is consisting of the installation of 22 Ramp Metering elements, 22 TOS elements, and 21 off-ramp loops. There will be also 20 ramp widening and construction of 3 retaining walls, 14 MVPs, and 6 CHP Enforcement Area.

    Need and Benefits:

    The Route 680 experiences heavy congestion during peak periods. Some of the congestion and breakdown in traffic flow on Route 680 is caused by platoons of vehicles entering at unmetered on-ramps and merging with the mainline traffic. Since installation and implementation of a ramp metering system on freeway is an effective operation tool of overall efficiency of a transportation corridor, the expansion of the ramp meter program is needed.

    The implementation of ramp metering systems will minimize gridlock of the freeway system, decrease travel time and improve mobility through the corridor during the peak hours.


    California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
    Metropolitan Transportation Company (MTC)

    Total Project Cost = $21.9 Million

    Project Funding Source:

    Construction Capital (Programmed)
    CMIA $8.2 Million
    SHOPP $10.0 Million
    Total $18.2 Million

    Construction Capital (Awarded)
    CMIA $6.245 Million
    SHOPP $9.430 Million
    Total $15.675 Million

    Project Schedule:
    Start Construction: 4/1/13
    Finish Construction: Spring 2014

    Upon completion, this project will provide traffic congestion relief and improve safety at this section of Route 680 in Santa Clara County.