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101 Auxiliary Lane Project

1. The 3rd Avenue onramp to northbound 101 is a safety hazard:

Question: At the last 100 ft. of the entrance, there is a sudden S-turn that abruptly moves entering cars into prevailing traffic moving at freeway speeds. Double concrete/wood barriers (about 5 ft. high) between the freeway and the entry lane hamper the visibility of cars on/entering the freeway until the last second S-turn. Moreover, entering cars must contend with concrete barriers on both sides of the entrance lane, creating an unforgiving margin of slack to adjust their position during the short merge.

Response: "The Department has investigated this matter and is working with the contractor to provide adequate sight distance for the onramp motorists to see the freeway oncoming traffic in the merge lane and possibly increase the merging distance. In addition, warning signs are being installed in the onramp gore area as called for in the contract plans to warn the motorists of short merging condition."

2. What are the planned hours of construction?

Response: There are no restrictions on the hours for construction, however, noise level from the contractors operations, between the hours of 9pm and 6am, shall not exceed 86 dBa(Lmax) at a distance of 15m.

3. When will construction actually start?

Response: Spring 2007

4. Will the Peninsula Avenue overcrossing be completely closed to traffic?

Response: There will not be Pederstrian access on the Peninsula Avenue Overcrossing or to Coyoye Point until further notice

5. Will it be closed to car traffic?

Response: Cars will still have the same access at the Peninsula overcrossing.

6. What type of landscaping and greenery are planned for the soundwalls?

Response: Vines are proposed for all soundwalls. No trees or vines are currently proposed for the retaining walls that face homes at the Peninsula Avenue overcrossing. Not all retaining and soundwalls will have vines on them due to site specific constraints. Designing and installing landscaping involves acquiring right of way to install irrigation systems and access for planting and maintenance. Currently, retaining and soundwall surfaces that do not have landscaping proposed due to the above constraints have aesthetically treated textured surfaces.

7. Will there continue to be stairs facing both sides on North Idaho?

Response: No. The stairs will be removed to accommodate the widened Peninsula
Avenue overcrossing.

8. Can there be a raised curb or steel fencing along the walkways to protect families, seniors and bicyclist as they cross over to Coyote Point?

Response: The project includes a raised 6-foot-wide sidewalk on both sides of the new Peninsula overcrossing with an additional 5-foot-wide striped Class II bike lane adjacent to the curb in each direction. The redesigned interchange provides a straight overcrossing to provide excellent sight distance versus the existing curved alignment. In addition there is a traffic signal proposed at the east end of the structure where it intersects with the North Bayshore Boulevard frontage road. The design as proposed provides the standard of safety that is recommended and approved for these types of facilities and by far, significantly improves the existing condition.