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Caltrans District 3 Intelligent Transportation Systems/Operational Improvement Plan

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 3 is developing the “Caltrans District 3 ITS/Operational Improvement Plan.”  The Plan will provide critical guidance to optimize the State Highway System within the District by identifying and managing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and other operational strategies that yield a very high return on investment and benefit-to-cost. These types of projects are proven to increase safety, improve traffic operational performance, enhance transportation mobility and convenience, improve environmental outcomes, and boost productivity and economic growth. The Plan is consistent with the Department’s goal to make California’s transportation system more intelligent and productive.

District 3 will identify and manage projects by developing an inventory of prioritized projects, a process for continuous updating of the inventory, and using a collaborative approach to integrate the State Highway System projects with ITS projects related to the State Highway System and sponsored by cities, counties, transit agencies, and others.  The Plan will incorporate technology that is here today to provide the best use of limited funds, to get travelers and goods where they need to go safely and on time.

Caltrans District 3 will work closely with its regional partners and stakeholders in a collaborative effort to develop the Plan.  Over the next twelve months, we will be presenting the progress of this effort at the various partnership meetings and requesting your active involvement and participation. 

The consultant team’s specific work tasks include the following elements:



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