California Department of Transportation

District System Management and Development Plan

The District 3 District System Management and Development Plan (DSMDP) is the District’s long range strategic planning document.  It identifies key policies, programs and projects that are intended to maintain, manage and enhance overall system mobility with the District, with a primary focus on the State Highway System.  For the first time, the DSMDP also includes the comprehensive list of actual proposed improvement projects which was previously included in the separate District 3 Transportation System Development Program.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Transportation System Improvements Needs and Priorities

  • System Maintenance
  • System Completion
  • Congestion Relief
  • Chapter 2. Transportation Planning in District 3

    Chapter 3. District Transportation Planning Policies

    Chapter 4. District Profile

    Appendix A. Acronyms

    Appendix B. Transportation System Development Program

    Appendix C. Traffic Impact Mitigation Fees for State Highway System Projects