California Department of Transportation

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The purpose of the District 3 Bicycle Guide is to give cyclists information on bicycling on the State Highway System within District 3 boundaries. The guide informs bicyclists of route classifications, prohibited routes, laws pertaining to the operation of a bicycle, and bicycle safety guidelines. Please click on the image to the left or the link below to access the complete document. Please click on the section links below to directly access sections of the Bicycling Guide

Caltrans District 3 Bicycling Guide (complete document)

Section One: Cycling and District Information
Cycling Laws
Caltrans Cycling Safety Guidelines
Helmet Information
Caltrans Cycling Contacts
Chamber of Commerce Offices

Section Two: State Routes Overview
Route Status for Cycle Use
State Routes
Park and Ride Locations
Rest Stops and Vista Locations

Section Three: Alternate Route Maps for Portions of I-5, US-50, SR-70, I-80, SR-99, and Alternate Routes in Sacramento

Section Four: District 3 Terrain and Route Profiles