California Department of Transportation

District 3 Bicycle System Management & Development Plan

The Vision

“Vision” is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Oxford University Press Online Dictionary. 2012. (November 9, 2012).  A Vision statement identifies direction and purpose which promotes focus and results in efficiency and productivity.  It provides a guide for choosing current and future courses of action when many needs must be met. 

District 3 Vision Statement for Bicycle Transportation

The State Highway System provides bicycle transportation that is convenient and continuous along State highways.  This system is planned, designed, developed, operated and maintained through the coordinated and collaborative efforts of Caltrans and our local and regional partners.  Shoulders on State highways are to current standards, and State highways passing through town centers have Class II bike lanes or facilities appropriate for the context.

Need and Purpose for the District 3 Bicycle System Management and Development Plan (D3 Bike SMDP):

  • Provides guidance to facilitate improvements to bike facilities on or related to the State Highway System (SHS) consistent with the Caltrans goal of “Improving Mobility Across California”;
  • Provides an inventory of current SHS bike facilities, including whether the SHS route is open or closed for bicycle transportation, Class II and Class III facilities on the SHS,  or Class I facility alternatives to use of the SHS ; and,
  • In coordination with local and regional bicycle plans, identifies needed improvements to the SHS to enhance bicycle transportation, consistent with the District vision for bicycle use of the SHS.

Development of the D3 Bike SMDP will be implemented with an open and inclusive process to enhance mobility for the bicycling public.  

Anticipated Delivery Schedule

  • Current D3 Bicycle Facilities Map: Available Now
  • Draft D3 Bike SMDP and Draft Recommended Facilities Maps - Available For Review & Comment Early January 2013
  • Comments on Draft D3 Bike SMDP due - Mid January 2013
  • Revised Draft D3 Bike SMDP Available for Review - Late January 2013
  • Comments on Revised Draft D3 Bike SMDP due - Early February 2013
  • Final D3 Bike SMDP posted to website and stakeholders notification - Mid February 2013

For more information please contact: Chad Riding, Associate Transportation Planner, Division of Planning and Local Assistance at (530) 741-4543 or E-mail.