California Department of Transportation - District 2

Caltrans Office of Advance Planning (SHOPP) --District 2

Julie Casey - Advance Planning Chief - SHOPP
(530) 225-3094

  • The Advance Planning – SHOPP office
    • Prepares scoping documents and designs small projects that cost $250,000 or less in construction costs.
      • Transportation projects costing $1 Million or more for the State start with scoping documents; reports that document agreement on scope (what is to be done), schedule, and estimate costs of a project.
      • The principle scoping documents are Project Scope Summary Report (PSSR) for rehabilitation projects in the State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP).
    • Advises District 2's Value Analysis Program.
    • Advises District 2 Noise Program.

SHOPP funding program initiates projects that meet certain guidelines in accordance with Government Code Section 14526.5, Streets and Highways Code Section 164.6. These projects must be approved by the California Transportation Commission, CTC, a separate governmental body from Caltrans.

SHOPP is a four-year program of projects that addresses traffic safety, roadway rehabilitation, roadside rehabilitation, and operations related to the State Highway System.

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