California Department of Transportation - District 2

Transportation Concept & Other Reports

Completed Transportation Concept Reports

SR32 State Route 32
SR36 State Route 36 Transportation Concept Report (TCR)
SR49 State Route 49
SR70 State Route 70
SR89 State Route 89
SR96 State Route 96
SR99 State Route 99
SR36 State Route 139
SR147 State Route 147
SR151 State Route 151
SR161 State Route 161
SR172 State Route 172
SR263 State Route 263
SR265 State Route 265
SR273 State Route 273 Transportation Concept Report (TCR
SR284 SR 284 TCR
SR299 State Route 299 Transportation Concept Report (TCR)
I-5 Interstate 5 Transportation Concept Report (TCR)
US97 US 97

District System Management Plan (DSMP)

  System Management Plan


SR36 SR89 SR147 Almanor Regional Transportation Assessment (ARTA)
SR299 SR44 SR36 US395 299/44/36/395 Focus Route Corridor Management Plan (CMP)
I-5 I-5 Improvement Plan
SR3 SR 3 Turnout Study

Integrated Data Collection and Management Plan for the Shasta County South Central Urban Region (SCUR)

ORIGIN AND DESTINATION STUDY - This study evaluated travel patterns on State and Interstate Routes in northern Tehama and southern Shasta Counties. Copies of the final report (34" X 23") full color, two-sided brochure are available upon request.

FIX 5 - This Grant funded study was conducted in cooperation with the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency and the Tehama County Transportation Commission. It identified needed improvements on Interstate 5 and a possible regional traffic impact fee program. Final study documents are available from the respective agencies.



DRAFT US 395 Transportation Concept Report

TCR Manager:Scott White
Phone: (530) 229-0518