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 Smart Loop Technology Demonstration Project
Advanced Transportation System Engineering
Branch Chief:   SHAHIN SEPASSI
Phone No. (858) 467-3022
CALNET 8-734-3022
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The Advanced Transportation System Engineering Branch is responsible for advanced planning and development of operational improvements specifically focused on projects associated with the Transportation Management Center (TMC) and field elements such as fiber communications, ramp metering, cameras (CCTVs), changeable message signs (CMS), and traffic loop monitoring stations (TMS). As part of the projects associated with the TMC, the branch oversees the District's involvement in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), which involves the use of new technologies to solve transportation problems. This work includes the management of a number of ITS projects that are being developed and deployed in coordination with SANDAG and our other regional partners.
 Maps of Field Elements - CCTVs, CMS,TMS ..

San Diego Intermodal Transportation Management Center,   Maps of Field Elements - CCTVs, Changable Message Signs (CMS), Traffic Monitoring Stations (TMS) and Traffic Signals,   Smart Loop Technology Demonstration Project
The Advanced Planning  Teams of Traffic Operations, Advanced Transportation System Engineering have the major responsibility for preparation of Project Reports/Project Study Reports for field elements, communication, and traffic control measures along the most heavily traveled portions of San Diego's freeway system. These projects include ramp meters, vehicle detection systems, changeable message signs, fiber optic cable and closed circuit television cameras. The Project Reports/Project Study Reports are the initial reports needed to justify and establish a budget for these projects. The Advanced Planning teams also assist or work as part of design teams to prepare detailed plans, specifications, and construction estimates for these same projects.
 Program Management Support
 Richard Sugita
 ITS Regional System Improvements
     and Advanced Planning
 Rafael Reyes
 Bing Luu
 ITS Project Development
 Roya Yazdanifard
 Randy Salazar
 Gabriel Del Puerto
 Paul Barkhodaee
 Mohammad Oladi
 Amad Rafiq
 Carlos Mendoza

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