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Electrical Systems
Branch Chief:   BRIAN PECUS
Phone No. (858) 467-3025
Caltrans Department of Transportation San Diego Transportation Management Center California Highway Patrol

Caltrans > District 11 > Traffic Operations > Electrical Systems

 The Electrical Systems Branch consists of four groups: Field Systems, TOSNET Support, Video Systems, and Signal Operations.

Field Systems
The group is responsible for the operational support, maintenance, communication and training for the existing I-15 Reversible HOV lanes as well as for the hardware system requirements for the upgrade to the new I-15 Reversible Lane Control System (RLCS). They support the Electrical Maintenance and permits for technical issues dealing with Changeable Message Signs (CMS) and Highway Advisory Radios (HAR). For questions concerning these field devices or systems, please contact Felix Iroanusi at (858) 467-3030.

TOSNET Support Group
This group is responsible for the support and maintenance of more than 30 miles of a Fiber Optics based communication network. This network provides communications of Traffic Field Elements such as video cameras, ramp meters, traffic monitoring stations, traffic signals and CMS. The information gathered from these devices is transported to Transportation Management Center (TMC) with is co-located with the California Highway Petrol (CHP). Television Broadcast Stations, the local cities, counties and transit are some additional customers which use their services. For questions concerning these devices or systems, please contact Qingqing Lu at (858) 467-3219.

Video Systems Group
This group is responsible for all video cameras and associated equipment located throughout District 11. For questions concerning these devices or systems, please contact Mehdi Mirjamali at (858) 467-4330.

Signal Operations
The Traffic Signal Operation Unit is responsible for the timing of 490 signals located on State Routes and Freeways Ramp Terminus. If you have a concern regarding the way a traffic signal operates, please call Cindee Feaver at (858) 467-3056. Our office hours are Monday through Friday: 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

If a State owned Traffic Signal in on red flash or malfunctions, please contact our Electrical Maintenance Office at:
North County (North of SD-56) (760) 746-2947
South county (south of I-8) (619) 522-6554
East county
(east of College Ave. on I-8)
(east of I-805 on SR-94)
(619) 596-0937
Metro Area (858) 467-4010
Desert Area (760) 344-7963
 Comm. Integration and Support
 Cecilio Dungca
 Tina Tong
 Asad Khan
 Qingqing Lu
 Traffic Signal Operations
 Cindee Feaver
 Steve Bauer
 Chris Agnes
 Tom Harris
 Beraki Woldeabzghi
 Field Systems
 David Pham
 Felix Iroanusi
 Saiid Noroozi
 Jan Dolansky

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