California Department of Transportation District 11 & San Diego & Imperial Counties

District 11

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Contact: Caltrans Public Information Officer Hayden Manning, (619) 688-6670


New Signs to Aid Bicyclists at Black Mountain Road

SAN DIEGO – Caltrans and the city of San Diego have partnered to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety along the State Route 56 (SR-56) bike path at Black Mountain Road.  Traffic signals at this intersection have been modified with a “Blankout- No Turn on Red” sign for all traffic movements exiting and entering SR-56 across the bike path.

The sign lights up when a bicyclist or pedestrian presses the pedestrian button.  The new lighted sign is to remind motor vehicle traffic to stop at the intersection.  Loop detectors will soon be installed so bicyclist should avoid the need to dismount and push the pedestrian button.  Bicyclist and pedestrians are reminded to only cross when the traffic signal is green in their direction. 

This “Blankout-No Turn on Red” sign is the first of its kind to be used at a freeway intersection in the San Diego region.  Similar signs can be found near some railroad crossings such as the Chula Vista E-Street Trolley Station. 

At this time there are no other “Blankout – No Turn on Red” signs scheduled to be installed. 

Motorists are reminded to slow down and safely move over a lane when Caltrans or other emergency vehicles are displaying flashing amber lights.  It’s the law!

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