Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Corridor Management Plan on

State Route 163 between "A" Street and the Sixth Avenue Undercrossing

January 2004

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This Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) evaluates a reasonable range of project alternatives, assesses the individual and cumulative impacts resulting from the proposed project, identifies measures to minimize or avoid significant impacts, and presents the associated mitigation measures. A Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for State Route 163 (SR163) between "A" Street and the Sixth Avenue undercrossing in the City of San Diego was prepared by the the California Department of Transportation - District 11 (Department). The CMP developed a coordinated and programmatic approach to address needed safety improvements, corridor preservation and enhancement efforts on SR163. The CMP is being used as a guide for the preparation of this DEIR. Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report are due by February 26, 2004.




The Draft Environmental Impact Report provides information on the following topics:

Cover 485kb Download
Title Sheet 28kb Download
Table of Contents 490kb Download
Summary 196kb Download
1.0 Purpose and Need 189kb Download
2.0 Project Alternatives 214kb Download
3.0 Affected Environment, Consequences and Mitigation Measures 1601kb Download
List of Preparers 97kb  
Appendix A - Environmental Significance Checklist 129kb Download

Appendix B - Public Outreach

132kb Download
Appendix C - Environmental Justice 130kb Download
Appendix D - Carbon Monoxide Protocol 121kb Download


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SR163 Corridor Management Plan Draft EIR
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Caltrans, Environmental Branch A
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San Diego, CA 92186-5406


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Note: If there is any difference between this electronic/download copy and the print copy of this document, then the print copy takes precedence. Printed copies of this document are available for viewing at the California Department of Transportation - District 11 (2829 Juan Street, San Diego).