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what is the california transportation plan?

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The California Transportation Plan (CTP) is a statewide, long-range transportation plan that will guide transportation decisions and investments in the 21st Century. The CTP provides a policy framework for meeting statewide transportation needs. It defines goals, policies, and strategies to achieve our collective vision for California's transportation future. The plan envisions a sustainable system that improves mobility and enhances our quality of life. Key to this vision is considering "the 3 E's" - a prosperous economy, quality environments, and social equity - in all transportation decisions.

Achieving the vision will take considerable effort. All transportation providers and system users are encouraged to be partners in helping to make the CTP a reality. Communities must plan and use their land wisely, transportation providers must manage the system efficiently, and users must choose services carefully.

The current focus is to review and update the CTP for a 2040 planning horizon by incorporating elements of previous plans and integrating new recommendations. Ongoing community outreach through an interactive website as well as workshops and focus groups throughout the State will be important elements of the plan's development. By collaborating with us, the public can influence the content of the final plan and, ultimately, decisions about investing transportation dollars.

To offer your input on the California Transportation Plan, and to download the fact sheet with the who, what, when, why, and how, please visit the California Transportation Plan 2040 page.

Download the CTP 2040 brochure which contains information about the CTP 2040 update.

For more information please contact:

Ilene Gallo
Senior Transportation Planner
(619) 688-6460