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Native American Liaison Branch


District 11 encompasses the Southern California areas of San Diego and Imperial Counties. The Native American Liaison Branch of District 11 strives to maintain effective working relations between Caltrans and the federally recognized tribal governments in this area.

In 1999 the Statewide Native American Liaison Branch was created in the Department of Transportation to serve as liaison between the Department, federal, state, local and regional transportation agencies.

In 2001 the District 11 Native American Liaison Branch began operation.

Native Americans in California

  • 109 federally recognized tribes in California
  • Total Population over 300,000
  • 20 reservations in San Diego and Imperial Counties

Branch Activities

  • Serve as a liaison and first point of contact between the Department, Tribal Governments and other involved third parties to promote government-to-government relationships.
  • Process Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) agreements for employment and contracting opportunities for Native Americans on Caltrans projects on or near reservations.
  • Monitor and review of documents describing proposed Native American developments impacting the operation and safety of State Highways.
  • Assist with tribal, citizen and agency inquiries.
  • Review and Comment District 11 projects relating to Native American issues.
  • Represent District 11 at the Caltrans Native American Advisory Committee.
  • Coordinate proposed sign plans for Indian reservations.
  • Develop and implement a training program for tribes in District 11.



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