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 Fort Yuma Reservation

With a population of 2,376*, Fort Yuma-Quechan Reservation is located in Imperial County, California and Yuma County Arizona, along both sides of the Colorado River. Encompassing 50,667 acres, the reservation is bisected on the south by Interstate 8 (I-8).

In addition to farming and a sand and gravel operation, the Fort Yuma Quechan Reservation counts on tourism and related business to augment its economy. The hot summers and relatively warm winter temperatures make the site a desirable winter vacation spot from November to March. To serve this audience the Tribe manages five trailer and RV parks, a small grocery store, museum, gaming facility, utility company and a fish and game department.

Material adapted from http://www.primenet.com/~itca/Tribes/quechan.htm
For more information see the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona web site

Fort Yuma Tribal Office: (760) 572-0213

*Population from U.S. Census

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